Log cabins, tiny houses and glamping pod kits

camping pods and tiny log cabins

self build kits  10 – 30 m2


With the current trend of guests wanting to feel in the midst of nature whilst not lacking comfort, both glamping and lodge businesses are thriving, and new businesses are popping up out of nowhere like mushrooms. By choosing a log cabin or lodge kits, your offer will surely stand out amongst the 1001-all-the-same safari Tents, yurts and mobile homes.

Thanks to the good isolation value of log construction, you will be able to offer a year round comfortable accommodation for your guests and extend your season. During summer, aircondition is not needed. And in harsh winter times, an efficient wood burner helps you maintain a comfortable temperature in no time.

Log homes have a higher start investment but will give you a great return on investment as you can set for a higher rental price. On top of that, if maintained properly, it has a long long long lifespan (yurts, tents and mobile homes do not. You will have to reinvest the initial amount every x year).

Attractively priced, easily constructed and durable, they are a phenomenal choice for off grid living, rural retreats, landowners, outdoor activities centers, eco villages, camp sites, glamping resorts, holiday parks and hotels and resorts owners to boost and diversify their business.

You can adapt them to fit your goal, be is as holiday accommodation, tiny house for living, therapy room,  yoga class room, wellness area with sauna, office space,  childrens´ play house, a grill or barbecue hut, art studio or even a spiritual retreat.

Available in factory cut square or round logs, or Scandinavian style hand made. With diameters between 180 and 300 mm. Browse through some of the cabin models for inspiration. It may be a perfect fit as it is. Or you may want to make some slight alterations in size, height, diameter, door placing etc. If you can´t find what you´re looking for, feel free to send us your detailed cabin sketch.

Camping Pod ´Kota´   13 m2

Interior   11.80 m2



Based on the old finnish/lappish hexagonal hunting hut tents. The wooden kotas first became known to the public for their use as finnish grill huts, ideal for group stays, celebrations, outdoor bistros and events. Next was the sauna kota in the woods, for your perfect luxury outdoor wellness experience. Its hexagonal shape makes it blend in with the landscape, adding to the natural experience.

With glamping being trending for over a decade, the kota has now evolved to a quirky, cozy yet sturdy lodging.  Go online and look at some (often Dutch, somehow) examples of bed and breakfast and glamping kotas. It will give you some good inspiration on how to furnish it, style it, maybe paint a certain colour, create a garden seating area around it. If you intend to rent out your kotas, make sure to compare the rental prices. It will give you a good idea on your return on investment (ROI).  Which you will soon find it, has a very good prospect. Eventhough the kota is a bit more expensive per square meter, due to its quirky shape, it is this same quirkyness and shape that will easily turn it into a attention drawing stand-out private accommodation.

As you can see, some glamping owners have choosen to make it a romantic hide-out for couples, others have ´upped the walls´ a bit, thus creating space to build a small mezanine for childrens sleeping. And yet another went for back to basic bunk beds, sleeping 6 guests!

If you like the shape but are looking for something double the size, take a look at our tiny round house, further below. 


round log wall set 200 mm
5500 euro per kota*

when buying 4,  4 kotas / truck, including transport, excl. VAT

Tiny round house   26 m2

Interior   22.26 m2


This near-to-round house is not only double the size of the regular kota, but with a higher wall and higher rooftop, allowing for optimal use of the interior area.

With all the extra space, it is well suited for both luxury couple stays (think wedding suite) and family holidays.

It is also e very affordable yet sturdy tiny house if you are looking for your first (off grid?) self built home on your smallholding or dwelling. Very comfortable in winter, all weather proof, well insulated,  it beats the purchase of a yurt anytime and will certainly add value to your property.

In beside gallery we show some inspirational pictures, just to give you an idea how to play with the design. By changing the angle, form or material of the roof top you can either create a messanine loft for extra beds, a star gazing view, an ecological touch (and insulation!) with a green roof. Or opt for a glass front side. Please also note the surroundings: built upon a stone underfloor, having a stone foundation, built hidden in the green, or high on pilars, it all has a completely different touch to it.

round log wall set 200 mm
6940 euro per round house when buying 3
3 round houses / truck
including transport
excl. VAT

Camping pod     16 m2

Size 4 m. x 4 m.
Exterior   16 m2
Interior   14.37 m2



round log wall set 200 mm
5 kotas / truck
3.940 euro per kota when buying 5
including transport
excl. VAT

Budget Camping Pod    17 m2

Size   5.40 m x 3.20 m

Veranda  6.10 m2
Interior   9.12 m2


Project 679A

round log wall set 180 mm
5  / truck
3.650 euro per cabin when buying 5
including transport
excl. VAT

Camping pod     20 m2

Size 3.02 m. x 6.52  m.  (4.30 m cabin + 2.22 m veranda)
Terrace 5,79 m2

Bedroom  8,01 m2
Bathroom 3,18 m2
Total interior   11.19 m2




Tiny cabin with bathroom   22 m2

Size   5.90 m x 3.75 m

Bedroom  3.47 m2
Room   12.92 m2
Bathroom   2.96
Total interior   19.35 m2

RM696A  RL200

Camping cabin  27 m2

Size   5,20 x 5,20 m     (3.70+ 1.50 m)  

Veranda    6.10 m2
Interior   16 .80 m2


2 units Bungalow    28 m2

Size   11.40 m x 2.50 m

Bedroom 1     9.92 m2
Bathroom 1         2.67 m2

Bedroom 2      9.92 m2
Bathroom 2    2.67 m2
Total Interior   25.18 m2


Project RM549ASL160

Travelers log cabin  29 m2

Size   4.78 m x 6.13 m
Veranda   4   m2
Interior   23.13 m2

Project PM-711A

round log wall set 180 mm
3  / truck
5640 euro per kota when buying 3
including transport
excl. VAT

Charming cabin with veranda    30 m2

Size   5  m x 6 m    (4.20 m + 1.80 m)

Veranda  7.73 m2
Interior   19.38 m2

Project RM721ARL180

Model Log Cabin


Feel free to make schedule a visit to our 3 mountain log cabins at our camping/glamping Quinta Rural in North Portugal. We would be happy to explain the building process and the advantages (numerous) as well as the disadvantages (one, being maintenance) as well as the disadvanteges. If you really want to feel the warm, well isolated, healthy atmosphere of a wooden house, you can book our model log cabin for a minimum of 2 nights. Should your stay result in a purchase of a recreational cabin, we offer 1 night for free.

Good insulation

Thanks to the good isolation value of log construction (thanks to the wall thickness), you will be able to offer a year round comfortable accommodation for your guests and extend your season. During summer, air condition is not needed. And in harsh winter times, an efficient wood burner helps you maintain a comfortable temperature in no time.

Long lifespan

Log homes usually have a higher start investment but will still give you a great return on investment as you can set for a higher rental price and even expect winter rent-outs. On top of that, if maintained properly, it has a long long long lóng lifespan (yurts, tents and mobile homes do not. You will have to reinvest the initial amount every x year).  Our log sizes of at least 180 mm providing not only a greater level of insulation, but also much better structural rigidity, making the pods and cabins all weather proof. No harsh wind, burning sun or snow will ever damage your glamping unit again (again, unlike geodomes, safaritents yurts etc).

 Favourable price


Our cabins, pods and homes are actually very competitive!  When comparing market prices, you will soon find out that our 180 / 200 / 220 mm thick logs of slow growing arctic pine are not only of a much higher quality than the regular 44 mm or 70 mm (at best) cabins and pods, but come at about the same price as the regular low quality cabins.

Best quality

How come? When searching for the right quality/price for our new glamping accommodations, we went far. All the way to the Taiga, North Russia, Arctic!
Best quality logs (harsh cold weather makes for slow growing trees and thus better, compact wood), sustainable harvesting and replanting, a family-run business with meany generations of experience and knowledge and, at a very fair price, even when including the high costs of transport.

After having bought and built our first 3 log cabins at Quinta Rural Farm Camp & Mountain Glamping, we became life long fans. Up to a point where we are now the only PT resellers. We are showing you here the most popular models, as well as the ones we designed in conjunction with camping and glamping owners.


Glamping Start-Ups offer


Your success is our succes. The more your glamping business thrives, the more guest will get to experience our glamping units, which eventually will lead new buyers to our doorstep.  Glamping Start-Ups buying 3 or more units can count on some guidance from our part. 20 hours of free advice and/or instruction. From location, to building, to marketing, website, programms, services, legislation etc. Whatever helps you succeed.