Eco Lodge North Portugal

a straw bale Lodge in North Portugal

-for nature lovers only-

Staying in The Straw Bale Lodge is a memorable experience, away from modern world & gadgets, no stress, nature at the door, mountain views, starry nights, sitting around the barbecue or in front of the fire place. Our straw bale eco lodge is tucked away in a peaceful corner of our land, in the Serra da Cabreira mountains.  A perfect place for a relaxing, environmentally friendly holiday in one of the most authentic rural areas of Portugal.

– Feel the romance of a bygone era –

Wake up to the sound of popping seeds, go to sleep to the distant tingling of cow bells, breakfast outside with just the meadow flowers, the donkeys and the hills for company. The ultimate get away.

strawbale house portugal
eco-lodge noord portugal

This little ecological cabin is built like a a studio: one big open space. It comprises a kitchinette made of recycled and wooden elements, with sink with cold water, gas oven and fridge.  A small lounge area with a wood stove, opening out onto an amazing view. Tucked away behind dreamy curtains, a double bed and bunker bed. Heating comes from the wood burner, cooking is by gas. Lighting is by ‘normal’ lamp (1), candle, lantern,  and solar. Wind up torches are also supplied.

At the back of the lodge (exterior access only) you will find ‘grandma’s toilet’: a wooden shed with compost toilet to complete the nostalgic feeling. Showers and normal flushing toilets in the main farm building.
On the front side, a handmade picknick table, shade and a place to have off seasons bonfire.

The cottage has been built during an international workshop on natural construction, using centuries old building methods.  The walls are made of straw bales, and then coated with lime mortar inside and out. The curvy, clay plastered walls, wooden beam and deep, wooden windowsills give the cabin a very special feel.

Even in winter months, it’s  easy to get a warm and cosy feel. The sun pours in during the day to heat the cabin for free and a small wood stove does the rest.

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Spend your holiday in North Portugal in this unique straw bale eco lodge at Quinta Rural
Eco Lodge Noord Portugal Glamping Stroleem hutje

fresh bedlinnen (beds already made)
towel & kitchen cloth package
electricity (fridge, 1 light, charger)
cooking gas
car free (load/unload access only. Parking at farm house)
hot showers in main building (no annoying shower coins)
toilet paper (no dragging around rolls)
basket of stove wood when colder
all the usual facilities, services and information

Off season

Off season has some pretty awesome advantages:  less guests so even more space, privacy and peace but also cheaper rates for lodging, plane tickets and car rental.  On the other hand, there will also be less services available  – e.g. we still service breakfast, but it’s impossible to organize an elaborated barbecue just for 2. And we can still offer guided walking, but being a private instead of a group activity, different rates apply – Most travelers are aware, but we thought we’d just give you a heads up.

Some guests come to Quinta Rural Farm camp to relax and recharge; take a slow hike, swim in natural lakes, get a massage, do some yoga, read a book, taste the regional wine and enjoy the view.  Some to explore nature, camera packed and hiking boots on, hoping to spot a wolf or a wild horse. Others are looking for some adventure, ready to fly, float, ride, climb, jump and swim. You might consider going rural, getting to know the locals and their life style, traditions and wisdom. On the other hand, you could also be in need of some ‘city vibes’ in the midst of all this natural beauty: just go and explore the old streets and charm of cities such as Porto, Guimaraes, Braga and Barcelos.

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North Portugal

– on your own pace –