Hiking North Portugal

Hiking North Portugal

Holiday hiking North Portugal:  Our local mild and sunny climate,  the diversity of landscape and the friendly people make Quinta Rural & surroundings an ideal destination for active walking in North Portugal.

We’re located in the Serra da Cabreira, hidden between the Minho and Trás-os-Montes. An area known for its beautiful nature and outdoor activities. The Serra is considered the gateway to hard honest mountain life and -postcard like- authentic Portugal.

Several loop trails start at Quinta Rural, all different in scenery, length and level. Some are even ‘adaptable  to your needs. The famous mountain creek trail for example (with waterfall and tiny nature pool) can be easily downsized or extended. Besides our Quinta Rural trails, there are many more in the area. Official PR-trails or shared wikiloc trails shared by other hiking enthousiast. To top it, we can recommend some good trails in the nearby national nature parks, Peneda de Geres and the Alvao.

Just ask us which trail and direction best fit you. We’ll give you a detailed map, a description, some points of interest, maybe even a ‘wikiloc’ and send you on our way.

Hiking in the Serra da Cabreira

Quinta Rural is set right on the border of the below charming Tamega wine valley and the above rougher mountain area. As such, all walks starting at the quinta have something entirely different to offer.

Walking here often means leaving the beaten path and exploring new ways, finding those hidden gems we keep talking about.  The rural and mountain areas are well tucked away from mass tourism, thus lacking the general ‘touristic facilities & logistics’.

wanderlust = wonderlust

You can expect to walk through unspoilt countryside with magnificent views, impressive gorges and mountain creeks inviting you to take a refreshing plunge.

Or to follow the trails of the farmers, seeing pastures bordered with dry stacked granite walls, confined by centuries´worth work.

Even head for a near-abandoned medieval village where time really stood still, while encountering flocks of sheep and goats.

Or to be walking alongside a hilltop with great archaeological meaning, little chapels and old watermills and -gutters, seeing old ladies doing a hand-wash in the communal washing tank, just under the grape vines.

Maybe you’ll be lucky enough to even spot a wolf, a wild horse or a snake eagle.

Your tracks will be diverse, from walking over old oxcart and Roman paths , under arches of grapevines,  following the path of water along ancient irrigation channels ( levadas ) , water mills and mountain rivers .. and get to know this stunning area from the inside !

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