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Recently we have become the sole distributor in Portugal for Russian log home kits.  Nordic pine square or round log self build cabins and homes. The company we are working with (through own experience) is very reliable and has presence and satisfied customers all over the European market (and Israel, Sudan and..).

Being a distributor means helping you make your first choices.  Although many models and variations of wooden log cabins, pods and cabins, there is no full online catalogue yet.  We have therefore chosen a couple of wooden house models as representatives for the entire ´oeuvre´, as well as to give you an idea about prices. Once you have gained some insight and have more clarity on what it is you really want, we will put you in direct company with the manufacturer. (Who, by the way, can be a bit slow in answering at first – depending on their work load- , but always come up with good solutions, and always open to you visiting their factory, installations, model houses and forest. )

You can either choose to build your wooden house with factory cut round logs or square logs, as well as the Norwegian style hand made logs.  Diameters from 180 – 300 mms.  Wall set (which means logs only) or full wooden set (all wood involved, e.g. logs, roof beams, rafters, interior ceiling panelling, sliding boxes and panelling for windows and doors).

The many benefits of log homes &  living in wood

Building green

Log homes are considered a green building option because trees are a renewable resource. It is even possible to build a log home using standing dead timber harvested from trees which were already dead due to insects, and some builders purchase materials only from forests that are certified in following sustainability practices.

Once complete, log homes fit well into rural environments and blend with the natural scenery rather than standing out.

Energy Efficient homes

When properly constructed and sealed, log homes are 30 percent more efficient than building codes required as of 2015. Log homes that are properly designed and built can be made 15 percent to 20 percent more efficient than homes made of more modern construction materials. Log homes also tend to be quieter than other homes, since the same log properties that contribute to energy efficiency also possess sound-deadening properties.

Durable housing

Trees are part of Mother Nature and as such are built to withstand storms, hurricanes, high winds, large amounts of snowfall and other potentially dangerous natural events. According to the National Association of Home Builders’ Log and Timber Homes Council, Europe’s log homes are routinely dated at over 800 years old, and some log structures in Russia have stood for more than 1,000 years.

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Nature based tourism and glamping


With the current trend of guests wanting to feel in the midst of nature whilst not lacking comfort, both glamping and lodge businesses are thriving, and new businesses are popping up out of nowhere like mushrooms. By choosing a log cabin or lodge, your offer will surely stand out amongst the 1001-all-the-same safari Tents, yurts and mobile homes.

Thanks to the good isolation value of log construction, you will be able to offer a year round comfortable accommodation for your guests and extend your season. During summer, aircondition is not needed. And in harsh winter times, an efficient wood burner helps you maintain a comfortable temperature in no time.

Attractively priced, easily constructed and durable, they are a phenomenal choice for off grid living, rural retreats, landowners, outdoor activities centers, eco villages, camp sites, glamping resorts, holiday parks and hotels and resorts owners to boost and diversify their business.

You can adapt them to fit your goal, be is as holiday accommodation or as your personal home.

holiday parks & campsites

Glamping means savouring the beauty of nature in comfort and style. Diversify your holiday park’s offering by adding premium and quirky structures.

Open your own glamping business with Log Cabin and Pod Kits for Self-Assembly. Configure and build your own Glamping Pod. All year, all weather use. And a long durability. By the way, camping pods, finish kotas and tiny houses offer a great ROI (return on investment) for the hospitality business.


Boost your offering with quality outdoor lodging that provides five-star, hotel-like experience, yet allowing your guests to experience the great outdoors. Or complement your existing lodging offer with a comfortable wellness experience, from sauna, massage room to grill hut.


The Russians have embraced the banya experience as an important part of their lifestyle and culture. Fortunately for the rest of us, traditional Russian banyas have been popping up in other parts of the world as well so we can all enjoy the physical and mental health benefits of this unique sauna experience. As a personal relief from daily stress or as a wellness upgrade investment for your tourism property.


Being able to host groups is a good way to broaden your market as well as extend your season. Groups can be hosted in several small units, such as camping pods. This way your accommodations are fitted for both the ´usual´ guests, as for groups. However, if accommodating groups is or will be your core business, it might be interesting to consider a group lodging. Providing not only the (seperate) bedrooms – with perhaps a small bathroom en suite – but have a communal lounging area, kitchen, terrace and garden. Or think providing workshop space, conference rooms to make it interesting to corporate venue hire as well.
Choosing a group accommodation of often one of personal design. We would be happy to advice you on needs and design according to your wishes, vision, goal and budget.

designing and building a log cabin – our personal experience

While exploring all the options and different building material available wanting to build a sustainable, natural guest home, we ended up deciding on wood. Exploring the national and European market (from Portugal to Germany, Sweden and Poland), we found the best price quality way up North in Russia. Russian nordic pine for wood, which means slow growing and thus stronger. A family run company with decades and generations of experience, a sane replantation schedule and strong ties with their former clients in the European market. After finding the right quality, price and company, all we needed was the right design. We studied several available designs (they have loads of them, with many variations. Unfortunately, nothing online). And ended up sending our own sketch. Alterations were suggested (e.g. to ensure solid structure, economical cut and transport) and we got complete PDF´s from our design, ready to be used by our local architect to submit for building license.  It took a while to dot all the i´s . But is was worth the wait!

So far we´ve personally build 3 solid round log cabins on our small scale nature retreat in North Portugal and plan on building several smaller units, pods. Our ´mountain lodges´ have an amazing look and feel to it, and are even in corona times, very successful. Being the first and only ones in Portugal with log cabins, might have something to do with it. But most of it comes down to the quality of ´living in wood.

We learned how to build from the best, 4 weeks of on site training by one of the Russian foremen. Concluded the first log cabin, went on to the second for a ´check, check, double check´ and ended doing the 2nd and 3rd one on our own. So very pleased with the end result, we have accepted to be a ´commission based distributor´ for these log cabin kits. We are not a building company, although we have a background in building and renovating. But we can tell you first hand experience how to prepare and build with log cabins.


self build log cabin kits – can I build a log cabin myself?


Depends. The log homes offered on this site are ´assembly´ kits, meaning the precut logs will arrive at your doorstep and then it´s up to you. If you´re a bit of a handyman, you can easily construct the smaller wooden glamping or camping pods or huts yourself with one helper. The bigger your cabin is, the longer the logs probably are, and the heavier. From 40 m2 up, we suggest a minimum of 3 p. building. If you´re going for a complete house, 2 stories, or group accommodation, we strongly advise you to find an experienced contractor or create your own team of experienced builders. When legally building your new home, you´re going to need a contractor signing off and taking responsability for the structure anyway.

Remember, the life spam of a wooden log home results not only from the quality of wood and fitting cut. Building and maintaining it correctly, as any house, is a must if you want your cabin or home to last hundreds of years.

Model Log Cabin


Feel free to make schedule a visit to our 3 mountain log cabins at our camping/glamping Quinta Rural in North Portugal. We would be happy to explain the building process and the advantages (numerous) as well as the disadvantages (one, being maintenance) as well as the disadvanteges. If you really want to feel the warm, well isolated, healthy atmosphere of a wooden house, you can book our model log cabin for a minimum of 2 nights. Should your stay result in a purchase of a recreational cabin, we offer 1 night for free.