Log homes and cabins

Log homes, bungalows and cabins

Individual Landowners

Complete glamping pods for self-assembly: a phenomenal choice for landowners. Create an urban or rural escape for yourself, maybe even start a small eco glamping business by renting it out.

Holiday Parks & Campsites

Glamping means savouring the beauty of nature in comfort and style. Diversify your holiday park’s offering by adding premium and quirky structures.

Open your own glamping business with Log Cabin and Pod Kits for Self-Assembly. Configure your own Glamping Pod, starting at 3.400 EUR. All year, all weather use. And a long durability.

Camping pods, finnish kotas and tiny houses offer a great ROI (return on investment) for the hospitality business….

Hotels And Resorts

Boost your offering with quality outdoor lodging that provides five-star, hotel-like experience, yet allowing your guests to experience the great outdoors.
Or complement your existing lodging offer with a comfortable wellness experience, from sauna to grill hut.

Model Log Cabin


Feel free to make schedule a visit to our 3 mountain log cabins at our camping/glamping Quinta Rural in North Portugal. We would be happy to explain the building process and the advantages (numerous) as well as the disadvantages (one, being maintenance) as well as the disadvanteges. If you really want to feel the warm, well isolated, healthy atmosphere of a wooden house, you can book our model log cabin for a minimum of 2 nights. Should your stay result in a purchase of a recreational cabin, we offer 1 night for free.

The many benefits of log homes
& living in wood


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A Green Option

Log homes are considered a green building option because trees are a renewable resource. It is even possible to build a log home using standing dead timber harvested from trees which were already dead due to insects, and some builders purchase materials only from forests that are certified in following sustainability practices.

Once complete, log homes fit well into rural environments and blend with the natural scenery rather than standing out.


Trees are part of Mother Nature and as such are built to withstand storms, hurricanes, high winds, large amounts of snowfall and other potentially dangerous natural events. According to the National Association of Home Builders’ Log and Timber Homes Council, Europe’s log homes are routinely dated at over 800 years old, and some log structures in Russia have stood for more than 1,000 years.

Energy Efficiency

When properly constructed and sealed, log homes are 30 percent more efficient than building codes required as of 2015. Log homes that are properly designed and built can be made 15 percent to 20 percent more efficient than homes made of more modern construction materials. Log homes also tend to be quieter than other homes, since the same log properties that contribute to energy efficiency also possess sound-deadening properties.

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