Luxury Country Lodge

With the current trend of guests wanting to feel in the midst of nature whilst not lacking comfort, both glamping and lodge businesses are thriving, and new businesses are popping up out of nowhere like mushrooms. By choosing a log cabin or lodge, your offer will surely stand out amongst the 1001-all-the-same safari Tents, yurts and mobile homes.

Thanks to the good isolation value of log construction, you will be able to offer a year round comfortable accommodation for your guests and extend your season. During summer, aircondition is not needed. And in harsh winter times, an efficient wood burner helps you maintain a comfortable temperature in no time.

Attractively priced, easily constructed and durable, they are a phenomenal choice for off grid living, rural retreats, landowners, outdoor activities centers, eco villages, camp sites, glamping resorts, holiday parks and hotels and resorts owners to boost and diversify their business.

You can adapt them to fit your goal, be is as holiday accommodation or as your personal home.

Country Lodge 80 m2 interior

We offer 2 variants of delivery.
1. With round logs 200mm = 31.300 Euros
2. With round logs 220mm = 32.400 Euros
Transport included (2 trucks), excl. VAT

Log Home 90 m2 interior


Project RM-599A. This project was specially designed for holiday villages.
Please have a look that stairs in this house is located in different place. So living room here has more space, because there is not stairs in this position. And many clients prefer to put chimney (there is place for it).
And it gives extra additional room on upper floor. So, totally in this project there are 3 closed sleeping rooms. It is very efficient for this total area = 89.46m2.
Of course it is possible to make this house a lit bit bigger. But general idea of this floor plan and design is extremely efficient, that’s why it’s very popular.

Log Home 104 m2 interior


This is very popular and optimal project – RM-616A. It is based on the exhibition houses models. But it with additional changes which make house more suitable for constant living.
Total area is 103,57m2.

Model Log Cabin


Feel free to make schedule a visit to our 3 mountain log cabins at our camping/glamping Quinta Rural in North Portugal. We would be happy to explain the building process and the advantages (numerous) as well as the disadvantages (one, being maintenance) as well as the disadvanteges. If you really want to feel the warm, well isolated, healthy atmosphere of a wooden house, you can book our model log cabin for a minimum of 2 nights. Should your stay result in a purchase of a recreational cabin, we offer 1 night for free.