Oops… it looks like you have gone off the beaten track

No worries, that is what we are all about here at Quinta Rural. The best way to discover Portugals hidden gems, is to loose track of time and direction. Just follow the sun, get blown by the wind, stay put at waterfall, go a little bit wild. You will always end up somewhere. In fact, a smart person once said, that if you don´t know where you´re going, it´s a lot harder to get lost.

In case you were headed in a certain direction, we are happy to help you back on track.  If you were just wandering, please continue enjoying your walkabout our site.

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As we built the entire website ourselves (thanks to WordPress), lay out, SEO, pictures, translation etc. you can imagine it being impossible to translate all pages into all languages. Being Dutch ourselves, the Dutch version is most complete as it is our mother tongue. English comes in as a good second, followed by Portuguese (still have quite some translations to do).  The other languages only have 1 (or a few) page(s). Thank you for understanding.


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  • About us, our vision, our mission
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Workshops, events and activities


  • permaculture earthworks course  ~ June 2019
  • dare to be a man again ~ upcoming  2019
  • mountain photography week ~upcoming 2019
  • log home construction ~ recent past event
  • how to start and run your own camping, glamping or B&B
  • nature & silence retreat ~ reoccurring
  • bush craft weekend ~ reoccurring
  • rural participation, meet and greets
  • family hiking holiday ~ reoccurring
  • no fuzz women´s week ~ past event
  • sustainable construction / natural building. Straw bale house ~past event

Not a guest? Maybe you were looking for..


  • Log home and log cabin construction (coming soon)
  • A hands-on course on ´how to start and run your small campsite / glamping / B&B´ (coming soon)
  • Volunteering in Portugal
  • Work offer in rural tourism (for now, only in Dutch.)
  • Media barterdeals (for now, only in Dutch. )
  • Quinta Rural in the media