Hello World! Meet Quinta Rural! 

We are small scale. And family run. With farm animals. And loads of work. Doing it all ourselves. Far from perfect. And that´s why we have always shunned a bit from media exposure. As most small and passionate entrepreneurs, we are a bit afraid of ´showing ourselves´.  After all, Quinta Rural is our baby, our nature and our nurture. Having now extended our glamping offer to our awesome hand built mountain log cabins and having hired someone to help us out, our ´baby´ has somewhat matured and it is time to take it out into the world.


Are you interested in featuring Quinta Rural in your article/blog/photo shoot?

Just drop us a line and tell us about your idea. We will check out all the information and let you know if we too think can create a win-/win situation. In case not, we will happily suggest some better fitting alternatives.

Looking for inspiration?

Take a look at our website, our social media, the who are we part and don´t miss the Workshops and Events page.


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