Recreational Lodges 30 – 60 m2

Camping Lodge Israel   37 m2


This project was delivered to Israel in 2011. Now is also rather popular. It is RM-141A. It has total area 37,00m2.

  18.500 euro 200 mm round logs
19.900 euro 220 mm round logs
* transport included, without VAT

Glamping Lodge –  2 bedroom –    59 m2

Ref. RM768ARL180
Size 5.50 m. x 10.77  m.  (8.61 m cabin + 2.16 m veranda)
Terrace          10.48 m2

Bedroom 1       7.66 m2
Bedroom 2.     7.66 m2
Bathroom       4,32 m2
Living room/kitchen 22.95 m2
Total interior   42.59 m2

Recreational Lodge

57 m2

This is quite a popular model in France, allowing to adapt floor plan division easily. It is also a good price/quality model, as all sizes have been determined by a most optimal cut of the logs, thus less ´waste´.  The entire bungalow, log wall set exterior and interior, all rafters for the roof, fit onto 1 truck thus also saving on transport costs.

Price  22.500 euro*
* including transport, excluding VAT
* round logs 200 mm

Model Log Cabin


Feel free to make schedule a visit to our 3 mountain log cabins at our camping/glamping Quinta Rural in North Portugal. We would be happy to explain the building process and the advantages (numerous) as well as the disadvantages (one, being maintenance) as well as the disadvanteges. If you really want to feel the warm, well isolated, healthy atmosphere of a wooden house, you can book our model log cabin for a minimum of 2 nights. Should your stay result in a purchase of a recreational cabin, we offer 1 night for free.