Wanted: Outdoor guides & rural experts North Portugal

Wanted: outdoor guides and rural experts


Looking for unforgettable experiences in North Portugal


Being a small scale nature retreat, set at the slopes of the Serra da Cabreira, we at Quinta Rural are always looking for different ways to bring our guests in contact with all the amazing aspects of this rural area and life style. And so we do, with the help of some really great, professional and reliable outdoor tourist guides.  Having the combination of this great natural area ánd ´eager´ guests ( eager to learn, eager to experience, eager to see and do), we are hoping to be able to find new indoor and outdoor activities, all year round, for our guests to enjoy.
However, with the Serra da Cabreira  still very much unspoiled by tourism, there are also just few ´touristic guides´ around. And the ones that are around, often forget to ´spread the word´, or we just haven´t found each other yet.  And then there is the third category: Some people have something amazing to offer, without even realizing it!  E.g. Something as ´simple´ even taking the goat or cows out to the pasture, or as baking your own bread in the wood oven, making your own ´chorizo´ etc. Hence, our call out for reliable ´tourist guides´, teachers and workshop instructors.

Feel free to spread this post on social media and amongst your friends in the region. You will be helping small and passionate guide entrepreneurs looking for extra clients and income, and you will help us give our guests the rural Portugal experience they are looking for (and keep coming back for).

Area of activity: North Portugal

Maximum 50 minutes car drive from Quinta Rural Farm Camp in Juguelhe, Cabeceiras de Basto (see google maps). With the exception of Porto and sea area. The closer, the better!

  • Serra da Cabreira – Alvão – Geres – Douro
  • Cabeceiras de Basto, Montalegre, Celorico de Basto, Mondim de Basto, Ribeira da Pena
  • Cities: Guimaraes, Braga, Barcelos, Porto, Vila Real

Sought after rural and outdoor experiences


outdoor activities

* photography classes
* hiking
* mountain biking
* mtb rental, electrical mtb even better
* 4×4 off road with guide or rental
* climbing, escalade
* fishing
* canyoning and gorge walking
* stand up paddle
* horse back riding
* canoeing / rafting
* outdoor children´s activities

nature related activities

* nature guide
* wild life watching
* bird watching
* bushcraft, survival

rural experiences

* traditional cooking
* taking livestock into the mountains
* participating in traditional farming
* harvest participation (ou pisar as uvas)
* rural guide with knowledge of history and traditions of region
* natural workshops
* sustainability / permaculture / food forest / natural building workshops* etc.

spiritual activities

* spiritual nature inspired retreats
* meditation
* yoga
* coaching
* mindfulness
* silence retreats


* city guides
* Portuguese language lessons
* etc.

If you think you have an activity of interest to our guests to offer, feel free to contact us.

What are we looking for in a guide?


We have worked with quite a number of guides. And have had our share of bad examples on ´how not to be a good guide´.  If we look at our current guides, people we have been happily working with for many years, we can see that it is crucial that you are:

  • easy to contact
  • honest
  • reliable and on time
  • passionate about and experienced in your activity
  • providing detailed and correct information about your activity
  • keeping us informed on any changes

Language wise: 

  • good working knowledge of English will definitely enable you to get the most of our collaboration (High season = full occupancy = more clients for you but most guests are Dutch/Belgian/English and do not speak Portuguese)
  • only speak Portuguese?  70% of our off season guests are Portuguese anyway.  And for the others and for high season: depending on your activity, we can still join forces.

Ways can we collaborate


Depending on your offer, the minimum and maximum number of participants, high and low season, we will see what is possible and what works best. We could be talking about:

  • just providing our guests with your offer and contact info – they will then contact you directly
  • during high season: reserve a certain day for your activity – you will have a group of Quinta Rural guests with pre-inscription
  • organise an off season holiday program together and create a demand for both our activities
  • venue hire: you, as a workshop or activity leader already have an activity ánd particpants organised (or will be doing so). All you need is a good place for your participants to comfortably stay, sleep (and eat) and teaching facilities.
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